Grooming Report

Grooming Report

Friday, March 04, 2016
All trails have been groomed according to schedule. The tail heads are more mud then snow in the afternoon’s, so head up earlier in the day if you want to avoid the mud.  Trails are staying mushy, because it’s really freezing at night.
Our 2016 weekly grooming schedule is as follows
Beaver Creek Tuesday’s, Friday’s & Saturday’s
Amazon           Tuesday’s, Friday’s & Saturday’s
Franklin Basin Monday’s & Thursday’s
Tony Grove      Monday’s & Thursday’s
Swan Flat         Tuesday’s & Friday’s
Sinks                 Sunday’s & Wednesday’s
Temple             Not grooming This year unless they stop logging the area
Garden City     Every other Wednesday morning Groomed 3/2 Half way down
I will let you know if there is any devations in this schedule!
If you see any vehicles up on the snowmobile trails, please take a picture of the vehicle and license plate, email it to the address listed, and we will follow up. Utah code 41-22-12.1 does not allow any wheeled vehicle over 800 to be on a groomed snowmobile trail.  The fine is close to $500.00.
Out of State Snowmobile Permits are being sold at the following locations:
The Bears Den/Texaco Gas Station – Intersection of US 89 and US 30
25 North Bear Lake Blvd
Garden City, UT 84028
Bear Lake State Park – Marina Office
940 North Bear Lake Blvd
Garden City, UT 84028
The Top 3 violations in Logan Canyon.
Anyone 17 and younger must wear a helmet when operating or being a passenger on a snowmobile, ATV or motorcycle.
Off highway vehicles must be registered before transporting or operating on public roads or land.  not carry them in your bag and think that is good enough.  It’s not!!!  The decals will stick on the tunnel and hood very well if the machine is warm when you stick them on.  Placing them on the belly pan will get ripped off when riding in deep snow.
Anyone (Utah resident or non-resident) between the age of 8 and 15 must posses Utah Safety Certificate to operate a snowmobile, ATV, or Motorcycle in Utah. To sign up for a classes at


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