Grooming Report for 3/16/2016

Hello all you die hard sledders that are still hitting the hills. If you have put your sled away for the season, man are you missing out. The storms since Sunday have put down several feet of snow in the higher elevations. Grooming on the Mirror Lake Hwy today was awesome although I wish I had hit the resort with my board! We are still losing snow at the lower elevations which is making it difficult to get to our snow cat shed but we will continue so long as conditions permit. We have several trainings the rest of the month that will affect grooming but here is what we are projecting till the end of the season which will likely be March 31st, as only a fool would groom in April! April fools joke!


March 17 and 21- Soapstone, Cold Springs, Noblett's, Mill Hollow

March 18,19,25,26- Soapstone, Mill Hollow, Lake Creek, Noblett's

March 23- Mirror Lake Hwy


We will see what the week of the 27th brings and may do some last minute grooming that week. Thanks for a great season and be careful with these spring conditions.


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