Nebo Loop Snow Conditions

Monday, December 05 2016 @ 08:41 AM MST

Contributed by: Nebo Complex

Mount Nebo snow conditions

Mount Nebo 12-5-2016


Saturday we did a snowmobile run from the Nephi trail head to Blackhawk Canyon and back, in order to evaluate the snow conditions on the Mount Nebo Loop.


Leaving the parking lot on the Nephi side in the morning, there was about 3 inches of snow.  Once we got up top there was about 2' of fresh snow.  Right now there is zero base to the snow.  Be care up there if you go.  There are tons of rocks and stumps right under the surface.  We were hesitant to get off the trail in most spots due to snow conditions.  Once we got over to Blackhawk Canyon turn off the snow depths started to recede.  This makes me believe there is a lot more snow on the Nephi side than Payson.  There wasn't enough snow to play around there, so we headed back.


We got back to the trail head on the Nephi side around 3pm.  By the time we got down, there was a lot of melt going on.  The roads had started to melt off and it was open asphalt in a lot of locations.  We wont be going back up until we get a few more heavy snow falls.


We saw about a dozen snowmobilers up there.  They were all registered and being safe.  Thanks a bunch:-)  There were also a few snow shoers. 


We still need two to three big snow falls before there is enough snow and it is safe to groom.  The forecast looks like it might bring some snow over the next week.  Lets keep our fingers crossed. 

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