Grooming Report 1/1/2017

Sunday, January 01 2017 @ 08:00 AM MST

Contributed by: Jordanelle State Park

UPDATE: 01/05/2017

Strawberry received 36" of snow since 6pm last night.  We are struggling to get parking lots plowed out.  Please, do not travel to parking lots off highway 40 until after this storm and we get a chance to catch up.  Check our grooming report for the latest updates on the parking lots.


New Snow in the the strawberry Valley.


01/01: Mud Creek, Clyde Creek, Marina

01/02: Co-Op, Lake Creek Trailhead, Strawberry River and Lou's Cut off

01/03:Mud Creek, Clyde Creek, Marina, Indian Creek, Trail Hollow,Warming Hut

01/04:NO RUN

01/05: Co-Op, Lake Creek Trailhead, Strawberry River and Lou's Cut off

01/06: Mud Creek, Clyde Creek,Marina, Indian Creek,Trail Hollow,Warming Hut, Sheep Creek

01/07: Co-Op, Lake Creek Summit, Strawberry River and Lou's Cut off


Avalanche Danger

In upper elevation terrain, particularly leeward slopes in the wind zone, at and above treeline, a HIGH avalanche danger exists. As the storm ramps up, both human triggered and natural avalanches are VERY LIKELY on steep, wind drifted slopes, especially those facing the north half of the compass, and particularly those with an easterly component to their aspect. Once triggered, today's avalanches have the potential to break much deeper and wider than you might expect.

You'll find a CONSIDERABLE avalanche danger on steep wind drifted slopes at mid elevations and human triggered avalanches are LIKELY.

Even LOW elevation terrain will have pockets of MODERATE danger and human triggered avalanches are POSSIBLEon steep, wind drifted slopes.



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