Grooming Report 1/6/2017

Snow, Snow, and More Snow!!!
We would like to apologize for not keeping the website updated.

12/18/16- Arbs,
12/19/16- Red Spur Packing Run
12/20/16- Red Spur
12/22/16- Wasatch Ridge, Woodruff Gate, Dry Bread
12/23/16- Arbs, Sheep Creek
12/24/16- Wasatch Ridge, Arbs Cattle Guard
12/26/16- Arbs
12/27/16- Monte Cristo Loop
12/29/16- Wasatch, Woodruff
12/30/16- Arbs
01/01/17- Arbs
01/02/17- Curtis Creek Turnoff
01/03/17- Monte Cristo Loop

The powder has been great. Hurry and get out to Arbs Basin before it gets tracked out. Have fun, and be safe everyone.


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