Grooming Report 1/08/2017

Strawberry continues to receive snow. We are struggling to get parking lots plowed. Parking lots may not be accessible.

If you get stuck you will be responsible to remove your vehicle at your own cost.

Please, do not travel to parking lots off HWY 40 until after the storm and have a chance to catch up. Check back for updates on parking  lots.


New Snow in the the Strawberry Valley.


01/08: Mud Creek, Clyde Creek, Marina

01/09: NO RUN

01/10:Mud Creek, Clyde Creek, Marina, Indian Creek, Trail Hollow,Warming Hut

01/11: NO RUN

01/12: Co-Op, Lake Creek Trailhead, Strawberry River and Lou's Cut off

01/13: Mud Creek, Clyde Creek,Marina, Indian Creek,Trail Hollow,Warming Hut, Sheep Creek

01/14: Co-Op, Lake Creek Summit, Strawberry River and Lou's Cut off

Avalanche Danger

In the wind zone, at and above treeline, the avalanche danger will rise to HIGH as the storm materializes. Dangerous, human triggered and natural avalanches are VERY LIKELY on steep, wind drifted slopes, especially those facing the north half of the compass, and particularly those with an easterly component to their aspect. Once triggered, today's avalanches have the potential to break deep and wide and can get out of hand quickly, resulting in a dangerous avalanche.

You'll find a CONSIDERABLE avalanche danger on steep wind drifted slopes at mid elevations and human triggered avalanches are PROBABLE.

There are plenty of safe options out there today. Most lower and mid elevation south facing slopes and low angle terrain, like big, open meadows, with no steep slopes above or adjacent to where you're riding offer LOW avalanche danger.


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