Friday, January 13 2017 @ 08:25 PM MST

Contributed by: jonathan hunt

We just finished a grooming run today.  We groomed North Skyline to the warming hut at the top of Fish Creek and then turned around and went back. 


The snow was deep and a little wetter than expected.  We sunk about 18 inches everywhere we went but the snow is set up pretty good underneath that.  Everywhere you go is soft, it's just not fluffy like I was expecting. 


SR-31 is closed at the junction by mile marker 9.  That means the upper parking lots near the Big Drift and Miller Flat are closed as well.  Rumor today from UDOT was to expect a few more days of having the road closed. 


We have heard that our trailer to transport the snowcat will arrive early next week.  As soon as it does we will update our schedule.

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