Grooming Report 1/21/2017

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with various projects in the grooming complex.

Please contact Jordanelle State Park for more information.


01/22: Mud Creek, Clyde Creek, Marina


01/24:Mud Creek, Clyde Creek, Marina, Indian Creek, Trail Hollow,Warming Hut

01/25: NO RUN

01/26: Co-Op, Lake Creek Trailhead, Strawberry River and Lou's Cut off

01/27: Mud Creek, Clyde Creek,Marina, Indian Creek,Trail Hollow,Warming Hut, Sheep Creek

01/28: Co-Op, Lake Creek Summit, Strawberry River and Lou's Cut off

Avalanche Danger

In the wind zone, at and above treeline, pockets of MODERATE avalanche danger exist. Fresh wind slabs reactive to our additional weight are POSSIBLE on steep, wind drifted slopes, especially those on the leeward side of upper elevation ridges. Remember- any avalanche that breaks to weaker snow, now buried deep in the snowpack will get out of hand quickly, resulting in a dangerous slide.

Lose some elevation and you lose the problem. Wind sheltered mid and lower elevation terrain offers green light conditions and in general, LOW avalanche danger.


If you have questions please contact me at.




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