We spent all day grooming on Wednesday 1-25-17.  We started at our snowcat shed near the Fairview Trailhead and crossed past Fairview Lake to the Big Drift parking lot.  We then groomed down past Huntington Reservoir to the Millers Flat trailhead.  We then continued South to Joes Valley making the loop down Lowry Water and up the Middle Mountain road. 


FYI - UDOT is doing a fantastic job trying to keep parking lots and roads plowed however there is a ton of snow.  Big drift parking lot is not plowed and if it does get plowed will have very limited parking.  Millers Flat trailhead is plowed however it will only fit around six trucks and trailers inside.


We plan to groom North Skyline/Bear Ridge/Starvation on 1-27-17


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