Lots of White Stuff Beaver and Monroe 2/2/2017

Thursday, February 02 2017 @ 03:25 PM MST

Contributed by: Lance Eliason

Updates for Beaver and Monroe Mountains

In the last week we have been able to groom both the Beaver Mountain run and much of the Monroe Mountain run. Beaver Mountain was done on Saturday night. Conditions are really good. Lots of snow everywhere we went. On Monday, we were able to complete from Koosharem over to the Hunter's Flat area on Monroe Mountain. We have recently experienced some snow cat issues and are working to get the stretch from Koosharem Gaurd Station to Monrovian Park done soon and appreciate your patience. Quite simply, in some of the areas there was so much snow and the drifts were so big that our snow cat couldn't even handle them. It involved bringing another cat and some help to un-bury it. Slowly but surely we will get everything covered. Once we've got a good pack, we will plan on hitting everything weekly as we are doing on Beaver Mountain.

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