Uintah Basin Grooming report 2-28-17

The snow is still deep on the east side of the Uintahs.  Come enjoy the new snow predicted for the week.

The groomer has just completed the White Cloud Loop around to East Park and to Trout Creek back through Iron Springs on the Red Cloud Loop.  The trails in Daggett Co. have been groomed once and the groomer will be going back tomorrow to groom again.

Next week we will be grooming toward Hacking Lake and back down Dry Fork


Have fun in the snow and keep smiling!


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Authored by: JamesMurray on Tuesday, March 07 2017 @ 11:21 PM MST Uintah Basin Grooming report 2-28-17
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Authored by: NickittenPierre on Thursday, April 27 2017 @ 02:36 AM MDT Uintah Basin Grooming report 2-28-17
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