The "Big One" missed Logan Canyon 1/10/17

We need more snow to start grooming
My boss and I just went up Logan Canyon to see how much snow the “Big One” put down. There is one inch of new snow at the Sinks and UDOT/Snowcat Sheds, half inch of new snow at Beaver Creek, Franklin Basin, and Tony Grove with water puddles under the little snow we got from all the rain in the canyon yesterday.

To answer everyone’s questions of why we just can’t walk the cat up the trails to groom higher?
1. Just like your machine, we need enough snow to lubricate and keep the tracks cool.
2. There is only 4 inches of packed snow on the trails at this point, so putting a four ton snowcat with 3 inch grouser on the snow will destroy what little snow there is, and make it melt faster.
3. If I hit a rock or stump with the front blade it will destroy the blade, causing us to be down a week or more for repairs. The blade is only made out of 1/8 Sheet metal and tubing to keep weight down. It’s not a bull Dozer blade.

In my 27 years of grooming snowmobile trails, this is the first time I have started this late in the season. Unreal!!!

Watch out for the logging equipment coming out of Beaver Creek. They will be logging in there though 2019.


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Authored by: Anonymous User on Wednesday, January 10 2018 @ 05:55 PM MST The "Big One" missed Logan Canyon 1/10/17
Funny. Idaho has been grooming for weeks now with the same snow conditions.
Authored by: Anonymous User on Friday, February 02 2018 @ 06:26 PM MST The "Big One" missed Logan Canyon 1/10/17
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Authored by: Anonymous User on Tuesday, April 03 2018 @ 09:47 AM MDT The "Big One" missed Logan Canyon 1/10/17
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