Grooming report 1-10-18

Wednesday, January 10 2018 @ 01:54 PM MST

Contributed by: Chris Bradshaw

Grooming report  1-10-18

As of 1/10/18 there is about 2 inches of compacted snow and ice on the road heading North of the trailhead. It has been raining at the trailhead. South facing slopes have all but melted off. Warm weather and insufficient snow levels have prevented the trail from being groomed to avoid damaging the snowcat. When sufficient snow levels are available the anticipated grooming schedule is as follows:

Friday: Hells Hollow Loop / Cottonwood

Saturday / Sunday: Hells Hollow Loop

Tuesday: Snow cat maintenance

Wednesday: Hells Hollow Loop / Cleanup

Hells Hollow Loop: Main road to Danish Dugway. Saddle Creek to Hells Hollow, with side trip to Elk Valley Guard Station. Back through Strawberry Valley.


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