Mount Nebo Grooming Update 1-23-18

Tuesday, January 23 2018 @ 11:56 AM MST

Contributed by: Nebo Complex

Mount Nebo Grooming update 1-23-18

I just drove to the Nephi trailhead and Payson trailhead gates this morning to get an up to date, first hand experience of what and how much snow was dropped over the weekend. 


Most of the moisture was in the form of rain at the lower elevations especially on the Nephi side of the Mount Nebo Loop.  In fact at the Nephi trailhead there was only about 2 inches at best of snow, with patchy asphalt.  There is no way you could ride a snowmobile from this location as of right now.


On the Payson side it was a differenent story.  The trailhead on the Payson side, the North facing one generally gets more snow with less melt off.  Here there was a total of 9 inches of snow :-) .  One could definatley ride a snowmobile, snow shoe or ski from this location.  However be extremely careful.  Stay on the trails and meadows.  Avalache conditions are extremely high.  There is probably about 3 feet of snow up top.  Have all your avalanche safety equipment, ride with a buddy, stay out of the back country, check the conditions before you go and be registered.  Having said this, there are still many hazards such at tree stumps and rocks.  Ride with caution.


In order for us to safely operate our snow cat without doing any damage to it, we need at least 18 inches of snow at the trailhead.  We need about twice of what we have right now before we can start grooming.  There is a possiblity of new snow this coming Thursday. 

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