Upper Logan Canyon Snowmobile Trail Grooming Status - 2/12/2018

Monday, February 12 2018 @ 08:48 PM MST

Contributed by: Bear Lake State Park

Upper Logan Canyon Snowmobile Trail Grooming Status:

The warm day time temperatures are not helping to keep snow at the trailheads/parking lots and the trails that start from those locations.  The most recent storm brought very little snow to all of our trailhead/parking lot locations.  The conditions we are seeing are typical of early April - The time we normally discontinue trail grooming operations.

2/8 - Sinks trail to upper Log Cabin Hollow.
2/9 - Swam Flat Loop and Beaver Creek trails.

We are finding less than marginal snow conditions and are finding several rocks and trees impacting the trails (particularly the Amazon, Beaver Flats, lower Swan Flat, Sinks Valley. The lower Tony Grove and lower Franklin Basin trails do not have much snow on the trail).

We still need more snow and colder temperatures.  If we continue to get sufficiently more snow, we will move out of our marginal grooming status.

THE TRAILS WE PLAN TO GROOM THIS WEEK (based upon the current conditions and weather forecast):
2/15 - Sinks trail to upper Log Cabin Hollow.
2/16 - Swan Flat Loop.

BE AWARE - BE SAFE - Logging operations are happening in the Beaver Creek area throughout the winter. Logging trucks may be encountered on the snowmobile trail near and north of the Upper Beaver Creek parking lot.

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