Mount Nebo Grooming Report 2-28-18

Wednesday, February 28 2018 @ 06:33 PM MST

Contributed by: Nebo Complex

Mount Nebo Grooming Report 2-28-18

The initial grooming run was done today :-)  Do to sufficient snow, the Mount Nebo loop was groomed today from the Payson Trailhead to the Bald Mnt. Overlook and back (about the summit). 


There isn't any snow on the Nephi side of the Mount Nebo Loop, this is where we usually start grooming from.  There's nothing but open asphalt on the South side.  However on the North side of the Mount Nebo Loop from the Payson Trailhead conditions are pretty good. 


The new groomer ran pretty nice today.  If you plan on riding, definately ride from the Payson side.  There appreas to be a few storms that may come in this weekend, which could make the snow conditions even better.  Right now there is about 12" to 18" of fresh power up top for riding. 


As always, know the conditions before you go out, ride with a buddy and have your safety equipment and registration.  If the conditions continue to be adequate, we'll plan on grooming next Wednesday March 7th again.

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