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USA Awards | Nominate Youth Snowmobiler

Note: All forms must be received by April 1, 2017 for this season's nomination.

Eligibility requirements must include:

  1. Youth who are committed to organized snowmobiling and are involved in snowmobile organizations that strive to make the sport even more enjoyable in the future.
  2. Nominations may be made by individuals, snowmobile organizations or by the nominee and are for the current completed year.
  3. All nominations must include responses to all topics addressed in this form.
  4. All nominations are to be presented in the format of this form and by the prescribed application date.
  5. Supporting documents, pictures, testimonials, etc. should be presented as an attachment and emailed to
Please enter the youth snowmobiler's full name.
Please enter the youth snowmobiler's full address.
Please enter the sponsor's full name.
Please enter the sponsor's full address.
Is the youth snowmobiler a member of a club? If so which club?
How many years has the youth snowmobiler been active in organized snowmobiling?
Yes No Does the nominee have a youth operator certificate?
Name and explain how the youth snowmobiler participates in club and association events. If involved in fundraising does not have to be restricted to snowmobiling.
Explain how the youth snowmobiler is involved in all phases of snowmobiling.
Describe how the youth snowmobiler promotes club membership.
Describe any special projects the youth snowmobiler currently participates in.

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