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Current Nebo Complex Conditions

The Nebo Complex is currently receiving a lot of moisture. Unfortunately most of it has been in the form of rain to the lower conditions, making it unwise to use the groomer based on the damage that would occur to the equipment.

Higher elevations are getting some great snow. We just need the weather to get a lot cooler down below and stop melting our snow, so we can access the white stuff up top.

As conditions and availability present themselves, we'll begin grooming.


Thank you :-)

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Snow Conditions 12/7/15

Very little snow
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2015 Winter Travel Planning

Please take a moment to watch this AYL video about the 2015 Winter Travel Planning.

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Grooming Report

Grooming Report
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No Grooming !!

Update 2/9/2015

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Grooming Report for 1/6/15

Just a quick as mother nature turned on the snow, she turned it off. We have gotten no new snow recently and nothing scheduled for the next week or more. We are still grooming and plan on staying on schedule this week. There is about 50" of snow up high and about 24" at the trail heads.Remember to check out the avalanche conditions at before venturing out. Please ride safe and return home to your family, be prepared with all the proper survival gear. Register your snowmobile as the funds pay for the grooming program which is a very expensive project. Our snow cat may be on the trails at any time so please use caution. Our typical grooming schedule will be as follows: Subject to change for weather or repairs.

Friday and Saturday- Soapstone, Mill Hollow, Lake Creek Trail Head.
Monday- Mirror Lake
Thrusday- Soapstone, Cold Springs, Hwy 35
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SR-35 Wolf Creek Pass Media Release

OREM, Utah



– The Utah Department of Transportation is closing State route 35 at Wolf

Creek Pass for the season at 4 pm today. There will be no further roadway maintenance

during the winter. US-40 is the suggested route for travelers who have been using SR-35.

As part of the seasonal closure by UDOT, the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation (DPR)

will begin snowmobile trail grooming operations and maintain a groomed snowmobile trail in

the area until spring of 2015. This formalizes an ongoing grooming program, operated by

DPR, designed to provide snowmobilers access to the Soapstone area and other popular

backcountry riding areas.

For more information from DPR about groomed snowmobile trails, please call (801) 538-

RIDE or visit For more information about road and traffic conditions,

download the UDOT Traffic app available for free in iTunes or Google Play.


SR-35 Wolf Creek Pass Seasonal Road Closure Starts Today

Utah Division of Parks and Recreation will Maintain Snowmobile Trail until Spring

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2014 Intermountain Snowmobile Show

The Utah snowmobile Association, in partnership with SnoWest will be hosting the Intermountain Snowmobile Show at the Salt Lake County Events Center this weekend, October 24th and 25th. There will be numerous vendors catering to all your snowmobiling parts and accessory needs. Along with the vendors, the four manafactures will be there showing of there new 2015 models. Additionally, the Utah Snowmobile association will once again be holding its silent auction where you can bid on all kinds of great merchandise, along with some great lodging deals. We will also be holding our swap meet outdoors on Saturday and Sunday so you can bring down that snowmobile that you have been trying to sell, or maybe some of those old parts lying around the shop.

This year the Utah Snowmobile Association will be raffling off some great prizes at show end as well.  Tickets are just $1.00 each or $10 for 12. All proceeds go to USA and member clubs.  We will also be unveiling are annual fundraiser which I think everyone will want to get in on. Also, if you clip the coupon out of last months snow scoop and bring it by the USA booth, you can get 2 for 1 raffle tickets with no limit!

So come on down to the show and check out the new sleds, new parts and accessories, vintage machines, the mod-show, silent auction and visit the swap meet. And don't forget to stop by the USA booth where you can talk to a Utah Snowmobile Association representative and also enter to win a new Sno-Pro 120 or trailer!

See you at the show!

Jeff, USA President

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Complex 3

 Snow conditions are not very good. We did take the groomer up Saturday Febuary 15 and made a run to take out some of the woops. The snow is not very deep even up on top but there is still some good riding to be had. This trail is experiencing heavier than usual use. Be cautious and watch for rocks and fallen trees. We had a great team of volunteers go up and clean the trail of fallen trees and there were several very large ones across the trail. They did an excellent job. and they all worked hard to give you a good riding area. We hope you enjoy your time in the back country. As you find yourself venturing out, please, please be careful and wear all your protective gear. That includes a beacon. If you have any questions for us, feel free to drop us a line. 

Update March 6 Unless we get a large storm with heavy snow fall. The chalk Creek trail will not be groomed again this season. The lower part of the trail from the gas plant has melted off.

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Grooming update 3/4/2014

Grooming update for Mirror Lake /Mill Hollow 3/4/2014

As of March 4, 2014, we had received about two feet of new snow on top and are hoping the weather gives us more new snow as the week goes on.  On top there is about five to six feet of snow with fair amounts at the trailheads.  The trails are in good shape the warm weather is starting to be a challenge for us to keep the lower levels smooth.  Monday Soapstone, Cold Springs, and Wolf Creek to the Nobblets parking area were groomed. Thursday Mirror Lake highway to Mirror Lake is scheduled to be groomed. Friday the Mill Hollow to Lake Creek trailhead will be groomed.  We should be following our schedule for the weekend.  Watch out for danger while riding. The Avalanche danger is still High. Make sure you are wearing a beacon. Ride safe and enjoy the snow.

You can find a copy of our grooming schedule on this website at that you can print out. Remember that all our runs are done at night but we may be on the trail at any time so ride under control at all times.


 Remember to go out prepared including survival and avalanche gear. Check on the avalanche conditions by going to  Ride safe and we will see you on the trails!!!